The conditions described below explain how website works. It is essential that you read them carefully. The use website implies full and complete acceptance of the platform's operation. website users are invited to consult them on a regular basis.

Rules and Operation on



1/Each member must pay its unique and definitive participation of 10 000 FCFA.

2/ Participation fees are not refundable.

3/To benefit from the winnings, each member must register five people to participate in the YAVOBI program.

4/Each registration entitles you to one and only one cycle.

5/ A cycle consists of 7 generations, defining the network of each participant.

6/ The cycle ends after the registration of all members of the seventh generation.

7/ Registration ends, and is systematically cancelled at the end of the cycle.

8/At the end of a member's cycle, the member can register again on the site and start a new cycle.

9/When registering, be sure to provide the first and last names on your identity card. They are not editable and will allow you to withdraw your winnings.

10/When you register, make sure you provide a valid e-mail address. The withdrawal code is automatically sent to you by your e-mail.  The loss of access to your e-mail systematically implies the loss of your earnings.

11/Your participation is cancelled and your account is closed if the 5 participants of the first generation are not recruited after 3 months.

12/When a godchild is blocked, there is automatically a loss of income for the members of the network, Yavobi will then inform the direct sponsor of the blocked godchild. The latter must in turn pass the information on to his direct sponsor as well, and so on to the main sponsor of the network. Thus, all informed network members must work hard to find the number of missing referrals to benefit from the gains in return. If when registering a new godchild the sponsor code of the blocked godchild is at its limit, then one of the network sponsors may have already registered the missing godchildren; and then it is necessary to apply for a new sponsor code.

13/Registration is blocked or cancelled in death event case and its proceeds will be used to support the NGO's activities.

14/Joining the program or registering on the platform systematically makes you a passive member of the NGO YAVOBI.



1/Networked TChat allows each member to chat with their direct sponsor and the five members of their first generation, in order to involve as many people as possible.

2/The networked TChat is not a space for undesirable flirting or association. YAVOBI may block or delete any member who does not respect the conditions of the site.

3/In case of emergency, the administrator can send SMS messages to alert a member.

4/The "payment code" and the "withdrawal code" will be systematically sent by email.

5/The TChat in network is free, SMS are charged (300 FCFA/SMS).

6/ Confidentiality will be respected.



1/The website currency is the FCFA (XAF)

2/Winnings accumulate on your account as members sign up on your network.

3/Winnings can only be withdrawn after having registered all the members of his first generation or after having recruited his 5 participants.

4/After the registration of the 5 members of your first generation, you can withdraw your winnings at any time.

5/Each member must pay YAVOBI a 20% commission on his earnings. This commission will enable the NGO YAVOBI to meet the costs related to the programme and to carry out its projects.

6/When withdrawing, amount requested must be less than the amount available in user account. Any withdrawal (intentional or by mistake) in excess of the amount available in user account will be considered an attempted scam and will be punished by the withdrawal of the requested amount of your winnings.

7/The daily withdrawal is limited to 500.000 FCFA. Any request for withdrawal greater than 500.000 FCFA  will be punished by the withdrawal of the surplus of your winnings.

8/In event death user, his earnings will systematically be invested in the projects of the NGO YAVOBI.

9/Yavobi declines all responsibility for any problems that may arise from the transfer of your winnings.

10/ In relation to a transfer, any claim must be made within a maximum period of 3 months after the execution of the said transfer. Beyond 3 months the claim will not be considered.



1/ Yavobi is a social and non-profit NGO with an indefinite life span. The realization of its projects will be continuous throughout its lifetime.

2/ The implementation of Yavobi projects in a country will start after the registration of at least 3,500,000 members who are nationals of that country.

3/ The start of activities in a country is not systematic after the registration of the 3,500,000 members who are nationals of that country. Projects will be carried out according to the availability of resources.

4/ No member, whoever he may be, or any other individual or group, has the right to demand or compel yavobi to carry out its projects.

5/We are entitled to suspend or stop the activity of all or part of the online services of the NGO Yavobi if we consider it necessary to do so due to circumstances beyond our control. We undertake to take appropriate measures to reduce the duration of any interruption due to any cause whatsoever (caused by us, by a third party service provider or otherwise).

6/ Access card offered by YAVOBI can only be obtained after recruiting the 5 participants of its first generation.

7/ Access card to healthcare offered by YAVOBI is individual and renewable each year.

8 /Healthcare access card offered by YAVOBI is only valid in YAVOBI hospitals.