Today, patient care is increasingly improved thanks to technological developments and the continuous training of health professionals. To this end, health care costs are becoming increasingly expensive, making it difficult for people to meet their health care costs alone. To achieve this, developed countries have established a system of health insurance and health care subsidies to best support their peoples; this is not yet the case in African countries.

The promoter of the NGO YAVOBI, Mr BONOUDI Kpatindé Thierry, a specialist anaesthetist and intensive care unit, witnessed several deaths in African hospitals due to the lack of diagnostic resources and the lack of financial resources, decided to create YAVOBI in order to subsidize health care and ensure almost free medical coverage for each Beninese and African. The NGO will build reference hospitals (grouping all specialties with the latest generation equipment) in most cities in Benin and other African countries.

To this end, the NGO YAVOBI decided to create the Yavobi application to bring together all people of good will who would like to participate in the financing of this major project. The participation fee is set at CFAF 10,000. The success of this project will depend on the massive participation of these souls of goodwill. So, to motivate the populations, YAVOBI decided to grant a bonus of 1000 FCFA to each member who in turn motivates the participation of a new member. This will allow each member to have a balance on his "Yavobi account". Of this balance, YAVOBI will deduct 20% for its activities and transfer the rest of the balance to the member's bank account regardless of where it is located.

IMPORTANT: Work on the construction of the first YAVOBI hospital centre in an African country will begin once at least 3,500,000 participants from that country have registered for the YAVOBI programme.


  1. Participants in the YAVOBI program: 60,000 CFAF/year to obtain their free health care access card.  This amount will be withdrawn from the participant's yavobi earnings. With only 10,000 CFA francs of participation in the YAVOBI program, you acquired financial autonomy and free and definitive medical coverage.
  2. Non-participants in YAVOBI programs: 120,000 CFA francs/year (from 16 years of age), 80,000 CFA francs/year (from 0 to 15 years of age) to obtain their free health care access card.
  3. In the absence of a YAVOBI access card to free care, the patient will pay for his care according to the tariff regulations in force in the country.

The YAVOBI care access card is individual and can only be used by its owner.

The YAVOBI care access card is only valid in YAVOBI hospitals.